I love to explore the possibilities the world has to offer. I study military education and security strategy, and I teach strategy and security studies at the UAE National Defense College. I have a soft spot for books, which is one reason I write fiction in addition to my academic research. It is an adventure–in so many ways–to live in the Arabian Gulf region, and it has opened my eyes to the challenges and opportunities that face us all.


About the images on this site:



Rise of Ahrik, my debut novel, is about a love triangle thrust into a worldwide war. Find out more at the Facebook page.






The road through the desert (header image) was taken while leaving the Qasr al-Sarab Resort near the Liwa Oasis, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.






The statues stand outside the Red Cross/Red Crescent Museum in Geneva, Switzerland. They were sculpted by Swiss artist Carl Bucher, and they represent those who have suffered as a result of human rights abuses. See one account of visiting this museum here.





This mound is the final resting place of the 196 Athenian hoplites that died in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC), which marked the turning point in the First Greco-Persian War. As a result of this battle, the Greeks were able to maintain their independence. They went on to develop many of the foundations of Western civilization.





This camel showed a remarkable level of interest in me while we were on a desert safari near Qariat Bu Dhib, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.