Nathan Toronto works to imagine a better world. He studies military education and Middle East politics, and he teaches strategy and security studies at the UAE National Defense College. He has a soft spot for books, which is one reason he writes fiction in addition to his academic research. Living in the Gulf region has opened his eyes to the challenges and opportunities facing the world today. He is married with four children.

Nathan W. Toronto is the author of How Militaries Learn: Human Capital, Military Education, and Battlefield Effectiveness (forthcoming, Lexington Books) and Rise of Ahrik, a military science fiction novel.


About some of the images on this site:



Rise of Ahrik is a science fiction story about a woman who starts a worldwide war when she refuses to have a child by the man she is forced to marry. Find out more at the Facebook page.




Day 23”, by Okko Pyykkö; used unaltered (CC BY 2.0). [Note: original link now broken; accessed on June 15, 2016.]





The statues, outside the Red Cross/Red Crescent Museum in Geneva, Switzerland, were sculpted by Swiss artist Carl Bucher, and they represent those who have suffered as a result of human rights abuses.




Mountains”, by Abdul Rahman; Used, unaltered, under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 2.0)





This camel showed a remarkable level of interest in me while we were on a desert safari near Qariat Bu Dhib, Emirate of Abu Dhabi.